Our Vision is to give users control of their data, through the ROBIN8 Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) software integrated in every application

ROBIN8 profiles and ranks Social Influencers, and matches them to brands using AI and Big Data.

Painpoint 1:

Social Media Platforms Controlling and Owning Your Data

Painpoint 2:

Inaccurate and Fake Data
Key Opinion Leaders
Active Followers


In the Robin8 Blockchain, every single action is copied to a ledger which is distributed across a network - defending the ledger from fraud and manipulation.


Robin8 will offer Profile Utility Tokens (PUT), a cryptocurrency that pays influencers and consumers efficiently for their data and their work.

Profile Valuation Drivers – Dimensions that drive the value of a Single Profile

ROBIN8 Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES)

ROBIN8 Blockchain Studio:
Integrating Blockchain Profiles across industries

ROBIN8 Profile Utility Token (PUT): NEXT STEPS

1. Release Blockchain API Beta


Functioning smart contract for developers


First client apps


On GITHub in May

2. Robin8 Exchange


PUT Pairing


Integrated coin mining: Supports celebrity Coins and other uses


Integrated social media and news

3. Using PUT across the EcoSystem


Greater Profile integration, demand for Tokens increases


There is a fixed supply, so as demand increases, so will the value

4. Robin8 MNet


ROBIN8 Management Team

Miranda Tan

CEO and Co-Founder
  • 15 years experience in PR and marketing
  • Specialized in working with venture-backed tech and pre-IPO companies
  • Cornell University, BS
  • St. John University of Law, Juris Doctor

Hassan Miah

Chairman and Co-Founder
  • 30yrs digital media and tech
  • Partner, KPMG
  • Managing Director, Intel Capital, TMT Investment
  • Head of Digital, Creative Artist Agency (CAA)
  • Xing Technology CEO, Acquired $75 Million USD
  • Stanford University MBA

Joe Sticca

Chief Operations Officer
  • C level enterprise media technology and product executive
  • Specialized in scaling large tech businesses globally
  • Well respected leader with a proven track record in innovative technology and organizational management

Milan Negovan

Global CTO
  • Over 25 years of experience in software development and tech startups
  • Recognized industry professional
  • Masters in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineerin

Artur Petrovych

Blockchain CTO
  • leadership experience in software development and hosting provider companies
  • financial workflow systems (Blockchain, Wallets, ICOs, Etc.) across user experiences

Calvin Wong

Asia CTO
  • Specialized in IT, Product Development across multiple markets
  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering

Dr. Barry O’Sullivan

Chief, Artificial Intelligence
  • Professor at the University of College Cork
  • Specialize in the AI Optimization

Dr. Janna Lipenkova

  • PhD in Linguistic and computer science
  • Specialize in natural language processing
  • Free University of Berlin, PhD

Natalie Kat

MD, Clients
  • 15 yrs multi-award winning global marketing specialist
  • Masters in Marketing, Grad Dip in Media Comms

ROBIN8 Advisors

Bessie Lee

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • 20 years experience in advertising industry
  • Former China CEO for WPP China
  • GroupM China CEO
  • Mindshare CEO

Alvin Foo

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Over 15 years experience in advertising in China
  • Head of mobile and innovation from OmnicomMedia Group
  • Head of Mobile, Google China

Mykim Chikli

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • COO of Publicist Media Group
  • Chief Innovation Officer at ZenithOptimedia. which is a marketing and advertising ROI agency that uses data, technology, and specialists to find opportunities for its clients’ business

Coolio Yang

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • CEO of Kantar Media CIC
  • Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather providing social marketing leadership

Bo Su

Blockchain Advisor
  • Expert in Blockchain technolog
  • Over 10 years experience in mobile internet security, mobile and technology
  • Zhejiang University, Computer Science
  • Tsinghua University, MBA

Milo Chao

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Previously the Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China
  • Northwestern University, MBA
  • Binghampton University, BA

Leo Wang

Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Over 17 years experience in mobile internet in China
  • An active angel investor for frontier tech startups, especially in blockchain and cryptocurrency