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About Robin8

Robin8 is a KOL and digital asset marketplace where anyone can upload their digital assets on the blockchain and sell it. 
Robin8 is about empowering everyone with their data on the blockchain whether it be songs, articles, photographs, videos, training courses, and much more, and provides an easy way to monetize digital assets. 

Who We Help:

  1. INDIVIDUALS claim their IP and digital assets by uploading to the blockchain and then selling. Also, individuals share content through our app and make money from clicks.
  2. KOLS and INFLUENCERS register for free so that companies can find and hire them, as well as find and share digital assets in the Bloqbox social network earning Power Points (a way to show how much influence you have).
  3. COMPANIES publish campaigns in our peer-to-peer advertising app where users and KOLs share and earn money for clicks, as well as find photographs, music, videos, content, and more to get the best advertising results.

Robin8 Solutions:

  • Bloqbox, the world’s first blockchain digital asset marketplace and social media platform.
  • Robin8 Search, China’s top influencer search engine and KOL management platform to find, rank, and match companies with KOLs.
  • Robin8 APP – our global app offers unique peer-to-peer advertising. You see, Facebook, Google, and other pay-per-click platforms get paid when users click. Shouldn’t some of this money be put in the users’ pockets? We think so! Influencers and users get paid for sharing content and promotions through the app. Advertisers can find and buy photos, videos, content, and more to enhance their campaigns and get better results.