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Bloqbox Ambassador Program

Host a Bloqbox event in your local area and receive 10k PUT!  The PUT cryptocurrency was once valued at $2 and then $1 and our goal is to get it there again so our Bloqbox Ambassador Program is quite rewarding.

The Bloqbox is the world’s first blockchain ecommerce and social media platform where you can buy and sell digital assets and data while connecting with influencers and other Bloqbox users.

Bloqbox has recently been introduced in 17 countries through one of our Ambassadors who did a bike tour.

Sign up to be an Ambassador to share this cutting edge technology with your community.

How it works:

1. Complete the form HERE.

2. Choose a local spot to host your event.

3. Robin8 will market and promote your meet-up to get attendees.

4. You invite your friends and colleagues.

5. Host an event and show how Bloqbox works!

6. Robin8 will pay for the event food and other necessary items like a screen and projector for example.

7. After the event get paid 10k PUT!

We invite you to become part of our global team!

Sign up and let us know where you are located and we will organize a meet-up in your area with you being the Robin8 Ambassador for your area!

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