Bloqbox Blockchain

Bloqbox is part of the PUT cryptocurrency economy and is the world’s first blockchain ecommerce marketplace + social media platform.
Via blockchain, users claim ownership of and monetize their digital assets such as ebooks, software, password keys, cryptocurrency tokens listed on stock exchanges, social media profile data, video or other content training programs, photographs, databases, images, graphic design, marketing swipe files, and much more.
Bloqbox is an intermediary site offering a user-friendly interface to easily create a library of digital assets that are added to the blockchain with just one click. Bloqbox users can sell their assets to other users based on the price they set as well as buy assets from other Bloqbox users. Purchases are made in the Bloqbox digital wallet using QTUM or PUT (Profile Utility Token by Robin8). Those who use PUT receive a 30% discount.
Bloqbox also offers a social media platform where users can find influencers and other peers to grow their network and share support each other by sharing content.