A main issue threatening society is invasion of data privacy, unfair use of consumer data by third parties, fake data and fakes news. Robin8’s blockchain technology, Bloqbox, create smart contracts and decentralized applications to achieve efficiency and trust that is only possible using blockchain technology.

Our goal is to give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology.

Blockchain usage also allows users to protect their IP via Proof-of-Existence — an immutable timestamp which can be used to proof ownership of their data.

Robin8’s Bloqbox Desktop will be built to help us grow our network of nodes globally. By avoiding the limitations of web browsers, Bloqbox Desktop will have additional features (such as importing social network data from other sources), improved security, performance & stability.


Tech & crypto consumers. Users who are dissatisfied with popular social media platforms and care about their privacy can use Bloqbox. Using IPFS, blockchain and encryption, we have built a decentralized system to make sure that YOU are in control of your own data.

Influencers / KOLs. Using decentralized nodes, you can import and analyze your social media data. This will allow influencers to prove they are not fake and can be trusted.

Companies & brands. Brands can verify trustworthiness of influencers they recruit on the Robin8 Search platform

Content creators & inventors. Artists, photographers & inventors can protect their IP on Bloqbox by uploading to blockchain. We also have a blockchain-based marketplace on Bloqbox, where content creators can sell their assets without percentage splits (only blockchain gas fees are applied)

Bloqbox is a blockchain digital asset lockbox that gives users 100% control of their data and can be used to protect intellectual property and easily sell digital products world-wide like photos, music, software, ebooks, cryptocurrency tokens, videos, and much more in the Bloqbox marketplace.

Robin8 offers an AI-empowered Influencer Marketing Platform and digital asset marketplace where anyone can upload their digital assets on the blockchain and sell it.

Robin8 is about empowering everyone with their data on the blockchain whether it be songs, articles, photographs, videos, training courses, and much more, and provides an easy way to monetize digital assets.

Robin8 has already profiled over 65+ million KOLs and any data on the Robin8 platform and products is available and can be claimed by the data owner.

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