Data Analysis

Next generation data analysis, profiling and marketing technology

Robin8 uses data mining and analysis with strategic communications. We can analyze millions of data from various channels including social channels, forums and blogs to understand what customers and clients are saying about your product, how competitors are positioning themselves and identify key trending issues and concerns of constituents.

Robin8 uses data science and proprietary profiling artificial intelligence (AI) to market products efficiently and achieve optimal ROI (return on investment). Whether you are a global brand, a local brand, association, running for office or a hedge fund manager trying to understand market sentiments, or a law firm seeking clients for class action, Robin8 can better understand your audience to achieve effective reach and targeting.

We have profiled over 65 million people and counting! Let us provide you with the latest profiling technology and data analysis tools to effectively target and win. With Robin8, there is no guessing. Every decision is data-driven and based on data you can make the best decisions for optimal results.

Robin8 empowers clients to leverage data to better understand their audience and better decisions in reaching and targeting an audience. We have worked with hundreds of brands and thousands of campaigns in the US, Middle East, China and Asia.