Robin8 Influencer platform

Robin8 Search Engine finds influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and key opinion consumers (KOCs) in China and globally from the leading social channels. We use our proprietary AI to profile influencers, KOLs and KOCs so we can help brands find the best talent and content creators for your campaign. We provide end-to-end performance attribution and automation.

Robin8 has already profiled over 65+ million KOLs; companies can now see real time engagement and influence data to determine the best KOLs to work with. Use the Robin8 KOL Search Engine to find, analyze, buy, and connect with KOLs in China, the US, and across the globe.

Influencers can add themselves onto the global influencer search engine and take control of their data and establish copyright for their IP using Robin8’s Bloqbox.

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