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Our Services

PMES Blockchain

The world's first peer-to-peer Ecommerce and social media platform. Claim, sell, and monetize your data & digital assets in a public, decentralized platform.

KOL Search Engine

Robin8 Search helps companies find, analyze, buy, and connect with influencers. Gain insights on competitors and your business with social listening, too!

Robin8 Data

Our APIs crawl, analyze, and profile data so you can understand your customers, competitors, see who's talking about your brand, and even find influencers to work with.

Content Amplification APP

The Robin8 App is a peer-to-peer advertising platform where users and influencers get paid for sharing your content and promotions.


Robin8X is a security token exchange. We can also help you with your security token offering (STO) by connecting you with the right partners and resources. Use the Robin8X to launch your own security token offering (STO).

Custom Solutions

If you can think it, we can build it! We partner with companies to apply the latest social media, AI, and Blockchain technologies to get the most out of their marketing.