Welcome to The Profile Economy

Social media profiles have become the currency of the new web. Do you know who is making money off of your profile data? Robin8 believes you should be profiting from your own social media activity.

How is your data being used?

Your profile tells a story about you, what you like, who you interact to, what you do day-to-day. It is a reflection of your digital life.

Advertisers use this information on platforms you visit to target you based on your age, location, browsing history, among other information. Do you know who is profiting off your social media profiles and data?

Find Yourself in the Profile Mangement Ecosystem

We live in an economy built around personal data, starting with your profiles and actions on social media. Once we take back control over how that data is used, we enable consumers, developers and brands to build for the future of the distributed social web.

Developers Analytics
Advertisers &
& Influencers
Your Facebook

Built on the Robin8 Blockchain

Based on the Profile Utility Token, Blockchain, our technology lets companies build blockchain applications like smart contracts and D’Apps for any industry

Introducing the Robin8 Influencer Exchange

We leverage blockchain technology to allow influencers to can claim ownership of their social media data, and create their own tokens. As an influencer, you can use your tokens as payment from brands, for fundraising activities, fan incentives and more. Coming soon!