Meet Robin8

Robin8 is a KOL and digital asset marketplace where anyone can upload their digital assets on the blockchain and sell it. 
Robin8 is about empowering everyone with their data on the blockchain whether it be songs, articles, photographs, videos, training courses, and much more, and provides an easy way to monetize digital assets. 
For KOLs, influencers, and individuals,  Robin8 allows anyone to claim ownership of and sell their content on the blockchain, connect with brands, and engage with fans.
For brands, Robin8 connects companies with authentic people and influencers as well as provides digital content for the best advertising results.
Individuals and KOLs can now protect their IP and monetize their digital assets (songs, articles, photographs, videos, ebooks, trainings, and more), and companies can easily find and buy images, videos, and content and better promote their advertising campaigns. 

Our Products

Bloqbox Blockchain

The world's first peer-to-peer Ecommerce and social media platform. Claim your IP with a 100% immutable timestamp and upload your digital assets to sell on the blockchain.


The Robin8 App is a peer-to-peer advertising platform where users and KOLs get paid for sharing content. Everyone has a voice and can monetize their influence.

KOL Search

Robin8SEARCH helps companies find, analyze, buy, and connect with influencers. Determine which KOLs are most relevant and effective and track KOL Marketing ROI.

Our history


Robin8 was founded

Launched the first machine learning press platform where we ranked and matched companies with the best press contacts and outlets via keywords and other criteria.

2016 - present

Robin8 APP

The Robin8 App is a peer-to-peer advertising platform where users and influencers get paid for sharing your content and promotions.

2016 - present

KOL Search Engine and Management

Launched China’s #1 influencer search engine and management system that allows brands to search and connect to thousands of KOLs. Worked with brands like Macy’s, Dunkin Donuts, Porsche and more (5k+ KOL campaigns). Over 30 million+ profiles with 2 BILLION reach.

2018 - present

Blockchain + Social Media

Beta launched BloqBOX that allows anyone to upload their digital assets to the Blockchain and buy/sell while connecting with peers and sharing content with your network.

Our team

Miranda Tan
CEO & Co-Founder
Hassan Miah
Chairman & Co-Founder
Tasha Mayberry
Communications & Marketing
Dr. Janna Lipenkova
VP, Head of R&D
gary headshot
Gerion Edberg
Technical Engineer / Dev Ops
Fergus Tang
Data Engineer & Analytics
Evan Zhang
Head Engineer
Cici Hong
HR and Operations
Vlad Vasyuk
Vlad Bohaichuk
Igor Dudchenko
Gleb Vernigorov
UI/UX Designer
Alex Plaksa
Frontend Engineer
Stanislav Sidletski
Frontend Engineer
Tikhon Zaikin
QA Engineer
Yulia Mogilina
HR Manager
Igor Bentsiy
Marketing Manager
Clarence Guo
Ben Qui
Partner, Loeb Partners
Completed Campaigns
Happy clients
Awards & Accolades
MILLION Profiles Crawled

We have worked with Robin8 for many years. They are always ahead of the curve providing tech solutions that fit our needs as a company who wants to advertise smartly. Robin8SEARCH has completely changed our business!

I had all these amazing ebooks that I easily uploaded to the blockchain using Bloqbox - I set the price myself and within minutes people can buy my assets. LOVE THIS!

Upload to the Blockchain

Start marking money by selling your digital assets – songs, articles, ebooks, videos, photographs and more.

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