Next generation social and content marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence

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ROBIN8 makes reaching out to reporters and influencers effortless and effective.

We’re changing the face of PR with technology that’s been years in the making. Predict the success of every pitch you make to a reporter by knowing with confidence they will share your content. It’s simply intelligent.

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Take the guesswork out of social and content marketing

ROBIN8 is constantly tracking and analyzing data from the billions of articles that are released every day to create the ultimate curated database of influencers. By understanding the nuances behind every influencer and their interests, we can help make PR a simple four step process every time.

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Upload your content and watch it get analyzed in seconds.

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Select from the list of influencers Robin8 intelligently recommends in one click.

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Track your results through our robust analytic dashboard and use our media intelligence to keep abreast of the latest news.

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Influencers are curated and content is personalized to you. The Robin8 recommendation engine gets smarter every time you use it.

What can ROBIN8 do for you?

Icon time f109c4280d68a848337f2c3caaa51c327a00d61923835dd2c4da6c21a1d3e21f Spend less time doing database and research work and instead focus your efforts on actual pitches, contacts, planning, and content creation.

Icon machine 991dcb65475eb1e216cf3e04c2aab1244fe4edb3f0f7525b1bad49707be803e2 Uses algorithms and machine-learning technology to adapt PR recommendations and content personalized to you.

Icon return f72092ddbcf3c34189c1c58cca66b0729a08dd8ee3aaeeb2ecc19c17bc3fc75e Achieve a higher return on your marketing spend thanks to better earned media results.

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